Updated: Sep 24, 2021

You see I mainly ended up homeless 'again' as my partner couldn't tolerate my behaviour when drinking (which was a 7-11, 365 situation) to the point it had gotten so bad that if I was in the family home then children's service's would be looking very carefully as to whether the children were safe. Now I'm not going to be guilty of having my children removed from their home and loving mother just so I can sleep indoors of a night! (Tbh it didn't matter where I slept as I'd be so cut once my eyes closed I could be anywhere and not have a clue) It's taken me years of living street homeless on and off but in some strange way you kind of get used to it, there have been times I have actually turned down accommodation for the car park or bench that I would sleep on. To this day I still know people who have home's but rain or shine they are happier living street homeless than in normal housing.

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